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Three World Ages Bible Quiz

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1. God created the earth _____.

in vain
to be inhabited
on the second day

2. God destroyed fully the first earth age because _____.

of the rebellion of Satan
He didn't like the way it turned out
a forth of His children followed after Satan

3. "And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the _____."


4. God destroyed the first earth age by using _____.

fire and brimstone
an asteroid

5. A thousand of our years is how long for God?

thousand years
one day
ten thousand years

6. After God destroyed the earth, how long did it take to be restored when God wanted it to be?

as soon as He said it be done
120 days
500 years

7. God said He _____ flood the earth again.

never will

8. We lived on the earth with ____ in the first earth age.


9. In the days of Noah's flood, God _____ for Noah.

made the ark
gathered the animals

10. "When the ____ sang together, and all the ____ shouted for joy?"

sons of God and morning stars
morning stars and sons of God
sons of God and evening stars

posted 4-18-99

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